Help Wanted With Key Volunteer Roles

    As we gear up for a new season full of exciting meets and fun events, your involvement is crucial. While many volunteer roles are straightforward, a few require specific training and early commitment.

    Below are descriptions of some key volunteer positions we need to fill early this season. Would you review them and please consider contributing your time and skills to one of these vital roles?

    Stroke and Turn Judges

    Stroke-and-turn judges are meet officials who ensure that swimmers adhere to the rules specific to each stroke during competitions. Typically, our team needs to provide two such judges for each swim meet.

    We are well-staffed with judges for the 2024 season, but anticipate a need for additional judges in 2025. That makes the upcoming season a perfect, low-pressure training opportunity for those who are willing to fill this critical role. After completing one of the two-hour training sessions in either May or June, you would shadow experienced judges during meets this season to refine your skills.

    Chief Timer

    The chief timer supervises the volunteers who time the swimmers during each meet.

    Currently, we have one chief timer, but we’d like to train at least one more person so that the responsibility doesn’t rest on a single individual.

    Concessions Inventory Manager

    Concessions sales are a crucial source of revenue for the Vikings, and successful operations begin with preparation. We’re looking for a Concessions Inventory Manager to ensure that our food offerings are ready for each event.

    This volunteer would periodically review upcoming menus, compare them to what’s stocked in our refrigerator and shelves, and make sure we replenish where needed. You wouldn’t have to restock the shelves yourself. A dedicated team of volunteers already handles purchases from Costco or Giant and deliveries to the pool. You would just need to tell them what to buy.

    Concessions Event Leads

    We’re seeking three Concession Event Managers to oversee the smooth operation of our concessions at each event. Managers would arrive early and guide the event team to ensure the planned menu is delivered. This role is crucial for maintaining concession quality and efficiency during about 9 or 10 concessions events this season. Our goal is to recruit three managers and evenly distribute the workload.

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